Endpoint Security


This solution provides multi-layer protection for your
desktops, laptops, and mobile devices wherever they are in the world.

Antivirus Software – Our antivirus software users advanced
heuristics to monitor the activity on your system rather than signature files.
This means it runs faster and catches new exploits to provide maximum real-time

Antimalware Software – Bundled software slows your system
down, steals your information, and causes annoying ads to appear everywhere.
Our antimalware solution is the best at protecting your personal data and

Intrusion Detection – How many times have we heard in the
news about companies large and small discovering an intrusion month’s after it
happened? That’s because hackers are getting smart, really smart. Our last line
of defence is a solution developed and monitored by ex-NSA agents who know the
tricks and actively monitor your systems to prevent your business from hitting
the headlines.

Daily System Optimization – We ensure your systems perform
at peak efficiency every day. This reduces power consumption and boosts end
user productivity.

Fully Tested Operating System Patching – Even software
vendors mess things up occasionally. These poorly tested updates can cause
mayhem. Our NOC tests every operating system update for two days prior to
installation to protect your up-time and system reliability.

Third Party Software Patching ­– The most vulnerable
software on your system is third party applications that are required, but
often ignored by the user. This includes software like Adobe Reader, Java,
Chrome, file compression utilities and more.

Web Filters – Category and reputation-based website
filtering protects against phishing, malware and other nefarious attacks. In
addition, our solution works regardless of the computers’ location, ensuring
your staff is protecting in the office and out.

Remote Access – We live in a mobile world; secure access
is required anywhere, anytime. Our secure remote access software gives your
team access to their office system 24/7 from anywhere.,

Remote Locate/Wipe – Computers get stolen, phones get
lost. Our endpoint security solution provides the ability for us to remotely
wipe sensitive information from these devices. We can even pinpoint their
location and assist local law enforcement with the recovery of stolen devices.

Daily PCI Scans – If you’re in an industry that requires
PCI compliance or deal with customer payment information, our daily PCI scans
are priceless. This will pinpoint the location and amount of sensitive data on
your systems. This allows us to proactively act to secure, or remove, the
sensitive and potentially expensive data.


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