What's important to us?

We will talk to you regardless of how difficult or embarrassing the situation is. When there’s an issue you can expect to hear from us at least every few hours until resolved. The more critical the issue, the more often we communicate.

People make mistakes. We’re tech wizards, but we’re still people. We will speak openly and honestly with you, even if we makea  mistake or forget something. 

Every solution, all hardware and data belong to you. When implementing a solution, new piece of hardware or software, we keep in mind that we may not always be your IT provider. We will clearly document how to access your hardware and data so you can pass on administration to a new provider with as little friction as possible.

When a user can’t work or do what they’re used to doing, it’s critical. We strive to fix issues in minutes if possible, hours at the most.
We’re not just a provider, we are your technology business partner. Your CTO, CIO and in house IT team. We help you utilize technology to the fullest. Our team is constantly searching for ways to improve internal processes and automate tedious tasks.

Technology moves fast. Every day there are updates, security patches and new vulnerabilities to worry about. In addition to the daily wear on network, server and workstation components. There is no set-it-and-forget-it option in today’s high-speed world. Your systems are monitored 24/7/365 by our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). If an update doesn’t install properly, a backup fails or an anomaly is detected, our team immediately takes action.

With Spark Computers, you get expertise. Your field engineer has experience supporting enterprise-level infrastructure and systems. We use this knowledge to ensure you have access to the tools, automation and features used by Fortune 100 companies at a fraction of the price. Every solution is carefully vetted to ensure it will scale, whether you are a company of one or a thousand.

We live in a magical age where computer technology is everywhere. It’s in your phones, cameras, appliances, lights, doors, windows and even your power outlets. At Spark Computers we supply and support all these components to ensure end to end visibility of your business technology. This means you have one number to call for support and one company who is responsible. There is no finger pointing or delays waiting for someone else to fix it. It’s our responsibility.